Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Norwich Papers Needs You!

Norwich Papers, UEA’s journal on translation studies is looking for papers to publish in its upcoming 21st issue. This year we’re looking for articles on the visual side of translation, be that translating the visual on screen, on stage, on paper or even in the reader’s/translator’s mind.
If you have an essay or an article that you’ve always wanted to be published and you think would be right for us, send it to us before the 29th of March. Now’s your chance!
Please send any enquires to the editorial board at norwichpapers@uea.ac.uk
The Call for Submissions:
In the Mind’s Eye: Translation in a Visual Age
Norwich Papers 2013

The Editorial Board of Norwich Papers 2013 is pleased to announce its call for papers for Issue 21, which will focus on questions of ‘translation in a visual age’. We welcome articles from anyone with an interest in this topic, regardless of experience, and are looking for interesting and original contributions looking at a range of cultures and languages and engaging with the many possible interpretations of this theme. Possible questions addressed could include, but are by no means limited to:

·         Issues related to translating scripts for dubbing or subtitling (for film and television):
Ø  How does the need to match lip movements to spoken text constrain translation?
Ø  How does dubbing affect characterization?
Ø  What is lost in translation because of the time constraints involved in reading subtitles?
·         Issues relating to theatre translation:
Ø  How does the fact that theatre is ‘live’ affect translation, particularly the representation of culturally unfamiliar references?
Ø  What are the issues involved in translating opera or other forms of song? 
·         Issues surrounding translation of comics, graphic novels, and picture books:
Ø   What happens when translation must take into account accompanying visual images?
Ø  Might it be necessary – and is it permissible - to change images to accommodate translated text?
We’re also interested in articles which explore issues related to:
·         Literary visualization
·         The importance for translation of how a text generates cognitive images
·         How an individual reader’s imagination might affect the interpretation of a text
·         Whether language constrains what we can think and imagine
·         How a reader’s cultural background might affect how they visualise elements in a text
We are confident that many who work in the field of translation will find something within this theme that is of interest to them, and we look forward to reading your submission, which should be received no later than Friday the 29th March 2013. Before sending us your submission, please refer to our style notes and practical guidelines. We are pleased to offer a free copy of Issue 21 to all whose contributions we are able to publish.
You can find more information about our back issues and how to purchase them from our website and blog. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We hope that this issue of Norwich Papers will inspire you in some way and we look forward to receiving your contributions.
With best wishes,
The Editorial Team